About Us

It all started around 2011 when 3 D printing FDM technology run out of patents protection that held back the entire sector a couple of decades, and some nuts started making their own 3D printers out of plywood and stepper motors recuperated from paper printers and other industrial machines scrapped.

I jumped into it big dreams, designed myself a 100 printing heads 8 meters wide gantry machine hoping to print with it my Ultralight Air-plane and the car I designed, but... stepper motors were so expensive than, no way I could afford anything, no motherboards, nothing available.

So I resized to smaller machines, and kept up with the progress, but it was stupid hard, and anything was so expensive and unreliable until about 2014 when China out of despair for foreign currencies decided to sponsor any production activity that would export something, anything.

And so the super saga begun, they came up with cheaper and cheaper Aluminium Extrusions, Stepper Motors, Motherboards, Hotends and Heatsinks, obviously copied from Western Civilisation inventors and designers without any permission, hence a theft.  They were parasitising us on the creation side since not capable of research and development as a nation due to decades of communist indoctrination into "thou shall not think outside the authorised lines", besides patents and copyrights for them were a laughable sector, still is.

But it was a symbiotic parasitism since in return they provided us with dirty cheap 3D printers (also flimsy and unreliable, but what the heck, they were cheap and available) cheap motherboards, cheap nozzles and anything we wanted, this in return helped us to invent more, test more, develop more, and them stealing our ideas and we buying them ideas back produced cheap; seemed to be a good game all summed up.

I doubt that was the China Communist Party plan when they subsidised anybody who asked capital in China to produce 3D printers, I guess they only wanted to export and bring home dollars... lol.  But we would of never made it without their greed for western currencies.

In the last decade I strived to make better and better printers for my own use, more than juts 3 axis, more than V5 or V6 heatsinks, in fact I went water cooled, dual head water cooled, tool changing  (manual) water cooled, fully enclosed (before it was legal to commercialise them) and other tests.

Here I try to come even with the community, everything I sell is the fruit of my imagination, hundreds of prints and redesign iterations,

- for multiaxial non planar printing (Up to 9 axis) the Rumba, Ballerina, Bolero  and Tango systems,

-water cooled in enclosed environments (heated chambers have a problem with fan cooling your heatsink, big problem for some reason...)

-tool changing manually in seconds (the FLIP system)
- Filament holders, re-spoolers

and much more to come both for improving the 3D printing machines and generally your house and workshop with tools and gadgets.

Everything I sell here I Open Source to the community, feel free to modify them to fit your needs, I don't mind, you can repost them STL or similar formats in the forum to share with the others.

If you want to commercially produce them we need to enter a contractual agreement, this is my work for the last two decades and I guess I am entitled to pay rent out of my work, and buy me some food.

Of course I am damn good at some things, mediocre at many more and not good at all at almost anything that can be done on Earth, one of them last things is computer programming and code writing to move machines.  And most of my mechanical devices need to be precisely moved by stepper motors, so I teamed up.  My coder associate is good at G coding, he can write you the pre sliced GCode for a simple print without designing it in CAD and passing it through a slicer, he can move robotics, he designs and prototypes motherboards for industries of various types.

We shall make his work available too when the time is right.

Now that you know too much about me and my associate, fell free to let us know about you in the Forum section.