Terms & Conditions

Maker, 3D Maker and 3DMential are brands of the same owner and are used to label the source of each product for sale in this portal

Maker brands the 3D printed on demand products

3DMential brands the downloadable to print or modify virtual products

3D Maker brands the consulting products for clients seeking help with their projects, building or tuning 3D printers, designing for 3D printing, coding for 3D printing, coding for 3D printers, programming 3D printers, and other robotics.

The seller makes no warranty the said products will exactly and perfectly fit your needs, wants, locations or match with the items you already use; perfectly or anyhow.  You might have to cut, drill, thread, place inserts in finished products, you might have to rescale printable products before printing; in several iterations until they somehow fit your needs.

There is no such thing as perfect fit in 3D printers world, something someone's got snug fit might not be the same when you print it, it depends on the printer configuration, slicer configuration, polymers used, your capacities to understand why is not as intended and your capability to take the necessary steps to mitigate the issues.

Hence no refunds policy is in place to start with.

Being into 3D printing Is like you have being thrown alone in a jungle, everything works against you, and the only weapons you have is your intelligence, your adaptability, courage, determination not to give in or give up, and a few sticks and stones you found on the ground (forums, tools you buy, blogs, and YouTube tutorials for example) and is up to you to get yourself out of there alive or...to become the king of the jungle.