Delivery Information

This is a start-up, and yes, we deliver as purchased from us.

If you buy STL files do not expect them to work exactly as you want at the first print, there are no 2 3D printers that will print the same file the same way for a million of reasons, mostly due to the way they were assembled and tuned,also the slicer settings play a role that nobody should under estimate.  So if the print is not snug as you want, play with the slicer settings, you might want more or less walls, more or less over extrusion, compensations, etc.  We decline any responsibility on how your printer prints our files since we have zero control over that.

If you buy 3D printed on demand objects, they will come as pried off the printing bed, no cleaning involved, no supports removal, just print, pack, label and send.

We cannot guarantee we can deliver as fast as you want it, for many reasons, the volume of work lined up to our printing farm is one of them, availability of the filament of your choice is the other one, and do not forget that after we ship, somebody else does the last mile with them, often loosing your parcel in a pile and finding it after a few weeks by error.  I know, it happens when I order too, I hate it, but I accept it as inevitable.

We strive to protect the goods you purchased the best we can, cardboard box, bubble wrap, extra foam or paper balls in the box, but that is no guarantee the delivery company cannot destroy them in transit and all you get home is a pile of crushed something.  Please proceed in such case with a claim against the carrier, they will refund us and we shall at your choice refund you or re send the part.