Water cooling components

Water cooling components

Water cooling systems are reliable in time as long as there are good components to do the job, perform far better than air cooling on your heatsink and other critical parts, especially if you print from an enclosure

you need one of each for the project

Water expansion vase

Water cooling radiators

transparent hose

Water pump

Quick hose connectors (I use penumatic connectors like the ones for the bowden extruder tube)

barbed throat hose fittings (brass or plastic)

antifreeze liquid (nope, the water is not at risk to freeze in your home, but it will develop microvegetation like mould and algae, and they will reduce teh cooling effect by depositing on the heartsink inner walls, antifreze will prevent that, it has glycole and alcohol in it)

Pure water, distiled, deionised, de magnetised, de scaled.

And you need the support to put all the parts in, and other little gadgets you can print on your own, and they are avaialble here to download.

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