Ballerina line of multiaxis 3D printers turntable

Ballerina is a turntable that rotates the printing bed ad infinite left and right as needed by the printer allowing the machine to print at any angle in any given position always against gravity, hence witout supports, powered by a closed loop stepper motor.  The main purpose is to make Bollero work as intended, but trust me, it has  an ace up the sleeve for Rumba too. Powered by 1 closed loop stepper motor.

You buy here the STL files to print the bearing balls the platform and the bearing balls counter holder (external sleeve) and internal balls holder lower part.

Once you have printed the counterholder (external sleeve of the bearing) the platformand the internal lower balls holder, all you need is the right ball size.

And that depends on your printer and setings to get it right.

Print 11 balls (you need 13 in total, but with 11 you are close to your testing neds already) and clean them well, than fit them in and close the housing with nuts and bolts tight. 

If it moves fine, but is having a slack that could jeopardise the perfect motion of the printed parts giving erros, than you printed balls a a few microns too small.  Print them again 1% bigger, Rinse and repeat until either you have a bearing balls system that is snug fit but freeley rotating, or snug fit but hard to rotate.  At that point you can either re print the balls 1/4 of a percent smaller or you can open the housing, add in fine sand, close back tight and for 30 minutes rotate 30 seconds to the right, 30 seconds to the left.  Than open the housing, wash well all balls and the housing 3 components to eliminate all sand, eventualy blow the parts with compressed air 8 Bar one by one, when perfectly clean put all back and try it again, if happy you are done, if not, repeat the sanding process.

When all is done, open once more the housing, generously apply a thick grease that is not dissolving your polymer of choice, close back again, and you are ready to rock.

This rotating platform can be fitted either on Rumba or on Bollero motion axis systems, is powered via timing 2T belt wide 6 mm closed loop of 400 to 610 mm depending on jow you provide teh motor fitting position.

Indipendently you can use the same Ballerina platform with an Arduino board as rotating support for objects to be showcasted, photographed or filmed, as camera automated support for show casting and filming and even to place a platter of food on it and make your guests go bizark each time they try to take any food by starting to spin the platter by surprise.

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