Rumba it consists of a printing bed on 3 Z screw raisers that work indipendently not only to find the perfect bed alignment with the nozzle each print automatically, but also to tilt the print up to 40 degrees in any direction helping thus with printing without supports if you manage to get your hands or make your own non planar slicerThis adds 2 more axis to your printer making it a 5 axis non planar capable machine for cheap (such machines costs thousands of dollars just for the add ons in the industryes that need them like CNC milling etc) powered by 3 closed loop stepper motors to create te Z, U and V axis.

For the price you have one kit for the 200X200 bedsize of Rumba, as pried off the printing bed, no supports removed, no post printing proecssing of any kind.  You wil need to use box cutter, file, dril bit and other tools to remove supports, clean the parts, sandpaper to smooth them and than fit them to check, when everything is working fine, you will have to take them apart for the last time and greas all the parts that sotate or slide than fit it back together.  The order of operations is as follows:

-with all parts cleansed insert the nuts on the long bars than fit the end supports for the lead scrwes and guided sliders tight, it shouldnot allow any play, but will rotate with difficulty (before greasing) If not roatating and swinging than remove them out and checkfor the places with wear and tear from the attempt, snad them well before trying again.

-all sliders come in pair, one with a motor end cap and one with a sliding bar end cap, put them into the sliding slots accordingly;
central slot narrow side; motor,
central slot wide side guide,
extremities wide side motor,
extremities narrow side glides,
extend the central pair until it meets at the center with the end stoppers,

insert the giuding gear, insert the bolt, place the nut underneath and tighten enough to have the gear rotate without any play,

repeat for the other two equalisers. 

If all works and at any pull of one slider the counterslider follows suit, than you can take them appart and grease them carefully with a sort of grease that will not melt or glue the type of polymer you choosen. You rock.

  You need to buy the nuts and bolts, closed loop steper mototrs and lead scrws with brass nuts couplings plus the 8mm diameter guide rails and ball bearing sliders and all the metal supports to connect them to the printer frame.

Word of advice from experience, PLA will fail in time due to proximity of hot elements like heated bed or the hotend, but can print in an open printer frame over 100 hours before it fails sometimes.

If you intend to run your printer on the hot side of polymers do not go for PLA, rather nylon, or PPS or similar, if you intend to go fully enclosed and really hot polymers in printing, I reccomend you go PEI or PEKK.

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Rumba 5 axis platform 200X200 3D printed on demand

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