Noise damper too.

I went to see what it would cost me to have my printer more quiet while working, all that vibration on some Aluminium legs against the desk wood surface was acting like a guitar amplification effect, and the prices made me invent someting cheaper, those cups are held with a bolt and a nut in the Aluminium profile ditch, and the ball sits in by pressure (the hemisphere is not at 50% but at 55%, hence a bit tight to fit in the ball)

I have being using the printer like this for 2 years now, sometimes printing non stop for 96 hours, and I sleep likle a baby next to it.

Yes they work, they are cheap PLA and cheap tennis balls. Total less than 5 dollars and there you have it.

For the price you pay you get 1 leg cup, for a whole pritner you might need 3 or 4 minimum, all 3D printed, transport and taxes will be calculated at the payment processing page.
You will need to buy yourself bolts to go throughthe leg thickness into the aluminium profile, nylock nuts and the tennis balls  somewhere else thou.

P. S. All 3D printed parts will be delivered as printed and pried off the printing bed, no supports removal included, no parts cleaning, no holes drilling, nothing except the printing itself.

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3D Printer suspensions leggs on tennis balls 3D printed on demand

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