As from the name this is a clamping up spining handle that can pretty much clamp against anything you need to spin like a cable reel, filament spool, etc.
This is part of a larger project yet to be completed, my need aroused when I found cheap reels of fiament, like 2 dollars a Kg and bought allt of them, some 24 Kg.  But the filament was anealed in the sun, little I knew about this untill printing time, was so stubbornly curled that any attempt to drag it into a straight line more or less (in the bowden tube especially) it snapped in bits.  Than I realised that if I re-drum it at some 60C when it softenes on a far larger diameter drum, it will no longer be under such a tension in the bowden tube and I could print with it.
It bloody worked, just any drum it cannot have a handle if you put it in a spool support, but it neeeds one when transfering filament from small diameter drum to large diameter drum, yes I did it without the handle, and my hand was swollen for hours after.
Hence the removable clamping handle idea was born.  On; when I need it on, and off; when I need it off.
You clamp the drum border on one side with the two clamps using a long bolt M5 and a nylock nut, and on the rest of the bolt you slide on the handle to help you rotate, and secure it loose with another nyloc nut.

For the price you pay you get 3 bits,the inner clamp half, the outher clamp haf and the handle, all 3D printed, transport and taxes will be calculated at the payment processing page.
You will need to buy yourself a long enough bolt to go through both halves and the entire handle lenght, and two nylock nuts somewhere else thou.

P. S. All 3D printed parts will be delivered as printed and pried off the printing bed, no supports removal included, no parts cleaning, no holes drilling, nothing except the printing itself.

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Clamp spinning handle 3D printed on demand

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