My take on a filament spool support, accoding to how long is the Aluminium 20x20 extruded bar it can take quite a large number of filament spools from 500 grams to 1Kg to 3 Kg to 5 Kg, the rod that holds the spool is 6mm steel and on the rod there are 30mm or 50mm or 70mm drum adapters according to the core of the spool hole.

I can put this support in the printer, on the top of the printer, next to the printer, on something else by the printer or hang it by the ceiling.
Of course it can be used for any other drum,spool, ree you have with cable, wire, hose etc.

The story of this is that I started using the PCB holder to put the filament spool where needed, than  I realised that I can make a dedicated line for this alone, and I made it.

For the price you have a couple of 3D printed T shaped legs designed to take a 20X20 aluminium profile to hold them together in position.,  and the inner spacers (not all spools have the same inner diameter) that fit your spools.  A total of 8 parts. You might run into spools that do not fit quite right, just use the smaller diameter inner buffers.  You need to buy the M4 nuts (for aluminium profile channel) and bolts and the Aluminium bar itself form another source.

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Filament spool support 3D printed

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