Ever wondered why after spary paitning for hours maybe 10 or 20 cans non stop your fingers hurt, are swallen and numb?
Because they were not designed to work like that for too long.
Here is my creation that allows you to spray your paint all day without such problems for it moves the way you hold the can to you natural position, fist like.

You buy here the 3D ready printed on demand objects:  the Spray Can Gun is made of two parts and a nut and a bolt.
We deliver the two parts, you need to source the nut and the bolt somewhere else.

 All 3D printed parts will be delivered as printed and pried off the printing bed, no supports removal included, no parts cleaning, no holes drilling, nothing except the printing itself.  You need to prepare the parts maually and fit them together with apropriate nuts and bolts, test fit them to be snug, no play and still freely rotating.

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Spray Can Gun, 3D printed on demand

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