This is a universal holder that can use any smartphone as a camera on a tripod.
You will also need the tripod attachement counterpart provided with this holder.

Techincally is a breadboard ridded with holes and a central cut out small enough to stop any smartphone from falling out through it, large enough to accomodate full camera view unobstructed for the phones mounting the camera close to the center, the phones mounting their camera at one corner can be used as well placing the camera above the mount margin.

Locking the phone to the support is done by using 3 or 4 of the 4 provided mushroom head locking nuts and a M4 bolt for each of them passed through the hole of your choice in the breadboard, use of large washers is highly advised.

For the price you have one smartphone holder breadboard,one tripod attachement, and 4 knobs, you need one M6 bolt long 100mm, one M6 nut (you can use imperial apropriate size too) 4 M4 plastic inserts and 4 M4 bolts long 30mm (or paropriate imperial equivalent).

Word of advice from experience, PLA will fail in time due to proximity of hot elements like the inside of your car in the sun in a summer day in the parking lot, or simply the tripod left in the sun.

If you intend to use your phone holder in the sun or leave it in the car do not go for PLA, rather nylon, or PPS or similar, if you intend to go really hot I reccomend you go PEI or PEKK.

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Smartphone holder for Photography tripods, 3D printed on demand

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