This is a bracket designed so you can fit in a Nema 17 stepper motor, slide it to the nearest end to put the belt on the pulley, than hand drag it away to tension the pulley as needed before locking the bolts on the motor.
On one end it has a set of holes on a lower level to fit over the cliff of a given postion/board, etc, but in the side walls you can drill any other holes you need to fit to your desired position.

For the price you have one bracket.

Word of advice from experience, PLA will fail in time due to proximity of hot elements like hotends, heated beds, stoves, heaters, hot tools (like soldering irons).

If you intend to use yourbracket by the hot side do not go for PLA, rather nylon, or PPS or similar, if you intend to go really hot I reccomend you go PEI or PEKK.

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Tensioning bracket for nema 17 stepper motors, 3D printed on demand

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